Lucky Bamboo - Lucky Bamboo

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Lucky Bamboo - good luck bamboo, botanical name Dracaena, is a tropical plant of the lily family with naked branches ending in tufts of sword shaped leaves. Its origin is in south east Asia, and now it becomes a unique indoor plant from nature with a long life. There are four types of Dracaena: Green, Natural, Gold, and Silver.

Lucky bamboo (Dracaena) enjoys indoor environment, and dislikes direct sunlight. Air exposure comforts its green leaves. All you need to do is to put it in clean water and change the water once a week. One inch water is enough to cover the bamboo roots. High water level may induce excessive roots. You can make beautiful arrangement with it in any way you want. The tower design is to anchor Feng Shui (Fortune), and light up the future.

Orientals believe it is lucky and may bring you good luck. Certain arrangement of the bamboo stands for a different kind of wish. Like 3 stalks is good luck for happiness, 5 for health, 7 for wealth, 8 for prosperity, and 21 in general. It makes a perfect gift for home and office decoration, unique wedding favors (4 inch, 6 inch, or Golden 6 inch) and centerpieces (Spiral, Heart Shaped - Heart Bamboo, Lucky 8, Lucky Bamboo Flower, or Silver 18 inch), baby shower, birthday party, and special events.

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